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Your generosity ensures the impactful vision of Hands of Mercy, empowering our mission to provide comfort and practical support to those facing crisis and disadvantage in Israel and worldwide. Based on our commitment to compassion, we strive to connect compassionate individuals globally with our initiatives, amplifying our efforts to create a stronger and healthier global community.

At a glance, your support to Hands of Mercy:

  1. Directly contributes to kingdom-building initiatives in a transparent and impactful manner, ensuring your donation makes a tangible difference in the lives of those in need.

  2. Strengthens our network of local and global partners, fostering collaboration among diverse organizations dedicated to making a positive impact.

  3. Advocates for compassion and support to those facing crisis and disadvantage, influencing individuals, communities, and future generations.

At Hands of Mercy, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in our work and relationships, seeking transformative change through our mission.

Because of the incredible generosity of partners like you, we are able to extend our support and invest in numerous initiatives, impacting countless lives globally.

Will you help support Hands of Mercy's effective work through your gift today? With as little as $40, you can contribute to transforming lives and fostering positive change in the world. Join us in making a difference.

Secure Online Donations
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You may also donate using PayPal by scanning this QR code

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Mail Checks

For USA TAX DEDUCTIBLE donations and other countries, please mail checks to:

Hands of Mercy - International

 501-C3#  20-3452998

P.O. Box 60,  Saranac, MI  48881, USA

National Representatives

For donations from NORWAY, use these details:

For donations from DENMARK, use these details:

Norsk Bankkonto

DnBNOR for Gaver:

Kontor: 1503.03.56095

The Potterman's House        Foreningen Vægterne / PH
Lykkeskærvej 15DK-6670
Holsted Telefon +45 75 53 33 23

Thank You


THANK YOU for opening your hearts to the cry of Israel’s needy, with all you are doing to support this holy task!  For as with Joseph, we are being blessed to share in G-D's promised Salvation of Israel through these gifts of ‘food and faith’ for these challenging times.  We are becoming, as with Abraham, ‘a true source of blessing’ from our L-RD in this, His Promised Land! 

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