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Painful effects of war

Many children now suffer as 'victims' of the recent year of Gaza terror which weekly continues to traumatise our small city of Sde'rot and neighbouring Negev communities.

Regretfully, this has produced many detrimental effects on our local economy, employment opportunities, family stability and the health of our children. The most vulnerable members of our community continue to experience various negative psychological and physical effects, such as depression, trauma and physical illness due to their inability to sleep.

These stressful situations challenge us to reach out in hospitals and homes to many dear mums and their children with expressions of mercy and faith for the difficult days ahead. What an honour to comfort and bring encouragement to these weary parents thru our prayers for their suffering children, knowing our All Merciful L-RD will faithfully answer our prayers!

Please pray for 12-year-old Yonathan whose life is being severely threatened by overwhelming fear and Anorexia. Should you or your prayer group wish to 'Adopt' or send gifts encouraging support for any of these families, soon let us know.

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