A compassion outreach on the frontlines of Israel


Hands of Mercy International is a humanitarian relief organisation dedicated to providing comfort and practical support to families and individuals experiencing trauma, crisis, poverty and social disadvantage in Israel. We are mobilising the love and concern of caring individuals throughout the world to provide a practical source of encouragement and hope in the lives of vulnerable individuals facing crisis and disadvantage. Please join with us and bring comfort to those in need here in Israel.

How we are making a difference

Assistance to individuals and communities affected by war and terrorism

Since 1992, Hands of Mercy has been actively assisting individuals and families victimised by suicide terrorism and war throughout Israel, including many victims of the horrific wave of suicide terrorism during the 'Second Intifada'. In response to the suffering of communities living under years of relentless rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, the 'Hands of Mercy' team courageously opened the 'Tents of Victory' outreach center in the heart of S'derot in 2009 to establish a vitally needed family crisis-assistance facility to help victims of rocket trauma.

Youth at risk and lone soldiers
Moved by compassion after frequently hearing the tragic stories of young people who have taken their own lives or died of an overdose, the Hands of Mercy team has decided to open the Adullam outreach center in the heart of Jerusalem in 2019. Adullam is a safe space where we care for young people who are at risk as a result of lack of family support, abuse or relationship breakdown in their families and subsequent difficulties with addiction or mental health. Many of the young people we are helping are lone soldiers or come from former Orthodox or Ultra-Orthodox background. Adullam aims to create a warm, non-judgemental, family-like atmosphere where young people can feel a sense of belonging and start on a healing journey to rebuild their lives. 
Street outreach
Hands of Mercy's dynamically expanding street outreach brings practical demonstrations of G-D's love to street people and slum dwellers in some of the most desperate and disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva. At least once a week, enthusiastic teams of young volunteers bring food and hot drinks, blankets and coats, along with words of compassion and encouragement to some of the most broken and marginalised individuals in Israel, including young and old street dwellers, drug addicts, criminals, sex workers and undocumented migrants.