The Jewish tradition of intensive cleaning before the Pesach (Passover) holiday prompts many families to donate unneeded items from their households. As a result, our ‘Hands of Mercy’ outreach thus becomes the beneficiary of thousands of pieces of clothing, which in turn, we happily give to needy families.  Centered in the heart of our community, we are an ideal location for these donations. Every morning we are amazed to find immense volumes of clothing which have been 'dumped' over our front area fence during the previous night. The amount of clothing is overwhelming. Yet after sorting through it all, we are able to offer quality clothes not only to our local families, but also to donate literally ‘tons’ of clothing to other outreach centers throughout the country.  What a surprise and blessing!

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Our Distribution Center at Tents of Victory serves to provide critically needed humanitarian aid for struggling families in S’derot every week. Years of relentless rocket attacks have had a catastrophic effect on the local economy. Due to the escalating unemployment and rising costs of living, many families have been forced by the circumstances to take multiple personal loans at high interest, leading to hopeless spiraling indebtedness with no relief in sight. Government assistance can only provide partial relief, and it must be supplemented to meet even the most essential needs of food, medication, clothing and shelter. Regretfully, those who suffer the most are single mothers, children, people with disabilities and the elderly. This compassion project aims to relieve both psychological stress and physical need caused by poverty and impacts the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of children and families in crisis through providing humanitarian aid, including medical equipment, holiday gift items, diapers and second-hand clothing.



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