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In 2022, Yariv and the 'Mercy team' were moved with G-D's compassion to continue Hands of Mercy's tradition of reaching out to victims of war and terrorism, through international humanitarian work on the frontlines of the war in Ukraine. Using our connections in Israel, and our experience in assisting people affected by war and terrorism, Hands of Mercy is actively assisting the German charity 'House of Hope' with their efforts of rescuing civilians from the most dangerous areas on the font lines of the conflict, as well as other vital humanitarian work. 

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Hands of Mercy has had the privilege to flexibly and sensitively respond to both past and current crisis situations in Israel and internationally, in order to meet human need, and 'comfort those who mourn'. Hands of Mercy has a long track record of providing humanitarian aid to victims of war and terrorism in Israel, and most recently, in Ukraine. Also, the Hands of Mercy team was blessed to have been able to deliver humanitarian aid to some of the communities in Israel that were the most adversely affected by the COVID-19 lockdowns. 

From 1992 to 2009, Hands of Mercy was active in providing food and other necessities, as well as financial aid to families affected by war and suicide terrorism. 

Between 2009 and 2021, the Tents of Victory outreach center provided critically needed humanitarian aid for struggling families in S’derot, near the Gaza Strip, every week. Hands of Mercy's humanitarian projects and community events helped to relieve both psychological stress and physical need caused by relentless rocket attacks and the resulting economic crisis. The charity was regularly providing food, medical equipment, holiday gift items, diapers and second-hand clothing to children and families in crisis during a time of relentless rocket terrorism from Gaza.

During the 2020 and 2021 Covid lockdowns, the 'Mercy Team' was privileged to provide emergency food packages to communities experiencing army curfews due to the high number of COVID cases, such as the Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox communities in Bnei Brak and parts of Jerusalem, which were cut off from the rest of Israel. G-d also gave us opportunities to bless Palestinian Christian believers and African migrants with food aid during this challenging period.

The 'Mercy Team' was also privileged to be able to continue to serve the street people in Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva during the Covid pandemic, where harsh weather conditions coupled with the lockdown made survival on the streets extremely challenging. In S'derot, the team continued their humanitarian work during lockdown, delivering food to the houses of some of the most vulnerable and isolated residents in this small community devastated by more than a decade of rocket terror.

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