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Moved by compassion after frequently hearing the tragic stories of young people estranged from their families who have taken their own lives or died of an overdose, the Hands of Mercy team has decided to open the Adullam outreach center in the heart of Jerusalem in 2019.


The Hands of Mercy team had been running the Adullam outreach center in the heart of Jerusalem from September 2019 to September 2021. The outreach center served as a safe place where Shabbat dinners and community events were held and young people could come for a hot meal, food packages, emotional support, and prayer. It also served as emergency accommodation for at-risk youth. During the lockdowns, it was briefly repurposed as a shelter for vulnerable women and girls in crisis, most of whom came from former Orthodox or former Ultra-Orthodox background. The outreach center was closed after the rental agreement with landlord ended in 2021.

Due to the success of Adullam outreach center, and the continued need for safe spaces for both boys and girls who are at risk due to the breakdown of their relationships with their families and support networks, Hands of Mercy is looking to re-open the Adullam outreach center in another location in the future, as well as open emergency shelters for both at-risk boys and girls.


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