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Israel is a great nation, blessed by our creator in many ways…a Holy Nation, eternal 'Guardians of The Book', recipients of G-D's Covenants, His Torah, and His promises… including this Beautiful Land and the Hope of Messiah for every nation on earth!  Yet today, Israel is a nation severely threatened on every side by radical Islamic regimes, devoted to her swift and total destruction!

In addition, many are becoming severely threatened by the economic challenges now spreading around the globe, causing increasing Israeli homelessness and hunger like never before. Here in The Land, ‘Hands of Mercy’ has become committed to assisting the most vulnerable members of society at the street level, where escalating unemployment and rising costs of living are a painful reality.
Many have been forced by the circumstances to take multiple personal loans at high interest, leading to hopeless spiraling indebtedness with no relief in sight.  How is it possible to find such overwhelming poverty and hunger spreading throughout this Promised Land? Regretfully, those who suffer the most are single mothers, children, and the elderly. Government assistance can only provide partial relief, and must be supplemented to meet even the minimum essential needs of food, clothing and shelter.
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