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If you have agricultural expertise or simply want to give us a helping hand with this project, please click:


When Yeshi passed on the ministry to Yariv in 2019, one of the areas he wanted Hands of Mercy to focus on in the future was end-time preparedness and sustainability. Inspired by the L-rd's wisdom and foresight, Yeshi felt that cataclysmic events are going to happen in the world, resulting in food scarcity. Sadly, we have now entered an era where Yeshi's predictions could be coming to pass with alarming speed. Israel is now under pressure to provide housing, food and other necessities to an increasing number of refugees from the Ukraine. Also, due to the effects of the war in Ukraine and the Covid-19 pandemic, as much as 30% of global food commodities seem to have disappeared from the commodities market. Food prices are going up in Israel and across the world.


Yeshi had a long-time strategic vision for agriculture and the establishment of sustainable communities. Before he went to be with the L-rd, he visited Yariv's agricultural land in the Galilee and prayed with Yariv over the land. Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, the L-rd has led Yariv to make contact with numerous experts in agriculture. Yariv is now actively working on a project which will combine agriculture with community building and creating opportunities for healing, rehabilitation, discipleship, and reintegration into the society for the vulnerable groups that we continue to serve.    

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