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Volunteer in Israel

Come and stay with us in Sderot, see what we do, meet the people and return, changed. Life is always exciting in Sderot, here we are on the frontline and we are experiencing many challenges... But we can provide a life changing experience for our volunteers, giving them the opportunity to express the L-RD's love and compassion for His Covenant Nation!
Please get in touch with us at to learn more about our short term and long term volunteer opportunities in Israel. 

Volunteer Internationally

'Hands of Mercy-Israel' is a broad based, nonprofit Israeli relief organization, serving as an outreach expression of compassion and support to many individuals and families now suffering the tragic results of suicide-terror, violence and war. To make our work possible, we are mobilizing the caring spiritual community worldwide, focusing the love and concern of individuals throughout the world to provide a practical source of encouragement and hope in the face of their tragic loss.
There is a lot you can do abroad to help bring comfort to those in need in Israel. For example, you could create a Hands of Mercy support group in your community to market our home industry products or to support ore or more of our needy families through the adoption sponsorship program. You could help us to translate our newsletters to your native language or contribute with your expertise to our communication, fundraising, poverty relief or community development work.
Please get in touch with us at to learn more about our international volunteer opportunities.

Sponsor a Volunteer

You can sponsor a volunteer, some of our local Israeli volunteers are as poor as those we support, but they find the wherewithal to give us freely of their time.   You can put a smile on their faces by contributing to put a little bit extra in their lives, a thank-you for helping.
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