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"Blessed are they who consider the poor, for the L-RD will consider them in time of trouble. The L-RD will preserve them and keep them alive... and they will be blessed (wealthy) upon the earth!"                                                                                                                                                                 Psalms 41:1-2


We remain sincerely grateful for helping make this vital outreach ministry a reality. For through your help, we are enabled to effectively reach out with our L-RD's love to these special needy families throughout Israel.


May "The Almighty" continue to bless you abundantly for having opened your hearts to share from His goodness... as together we offer renewed courage, hope and faith to the struggling families!



Tragic events often strike in Israel without warning, leaving families engulfed in sorrow for months, and even years.  Our ‘Hands of Mercy’ teams reach out to empathically share these painful losses, as victims lie in hospital beds or are indisposed in their own homes, and especially as family members and/or friends are laid to rest.  Our ministry seeks to develop tangible ways to stay connected as we assist these recovering victim families and soldiers during the months and  years following the traumatic events. Visiting in their homes, sharing coffee and providing a listening ear can make all the difference for people whose lives have been shocked and traumatized.  As we listen, pray, and contribute to their personal, emotional, and practical needs, hope is slowly restored and healing begins for these devastated families. This remains the heart of G-D’s mercy and ours!  These expressions of comfort, encouragement and faith remain the most precious gifts we can give!



Should you be interested in contributing to our compassion projects with humanitarian aid or finances, please click: 

Should you be interested in volunteering in our outreach center, please click: 

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