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Translated Letters from Hebrew
To Dearest Hands of Mercy:
My name is Rachel Nachmani from Sderot, I want to thank you soooooooooooooo much for all help that you are giving. In Rosh Ha Shana I received from you a very special gift that helped me a lot. I don't have words in my mouth to thank you … and thank you is not enough.
You are worth a million thanks and appreciation you deserve... that HASHEM bless you sincerely, happiness, wealth and great joy for all assistance that you are support us. And that God will bring you good, and you will miss nothing, and continue to do Mizvot, because you are +100! I wish to all from bottom of my heart health and joy.
Thank you so much,
From me - Rachel Nachmani
To Hands of Mercy:
I want to thank you for help to Rosh Ha Shana. This help feeled my home with smile and joy.
Thank you,
Shlomit Siloni
P.S. Special thanks to Rina for personally supported.
To Hands of Mercy:
Thank you for vouchers and survival box for holiday. It's helped me a lot, because I'm sick and my husband a kollel yeshiva student.
Thank you so much for your help,
Sara Frida Ischakov
My name is Ilana Amirov, I'm resident of Sderot. Big thanks to Hands of Mercy for constant help and support. I'm resident of Sderot and thankful for your assistance.
Olga with 7 children
Dear delegates of Hands of Mercy organization,
I'm sincerely thank you for your help and support that other government's organizations should do, and wish you the Rosh Ha Shana (Happy New Year), and wish you all what are wishing to yourself.
Shuster S.A.
We are thank you so much for all your help and thank you for giving products.
Fineberg Family
I'm appreciating you for all your help and support, because the needy people cannot have enough money to buy those products.
Thank you,
Nataliya Chaimova
Sincerely thankful to Hands of Mercy for your help and attention. God give you health and the grace of God for your care and help.
Mariana Roskin
I thank for those who help us and wish health and a lot of finances to help us and wish SHALOM in our earth Israel.
Thank you,
I'm very grateful for all what you give me both food and clothes.
May God bless you.
Thank you,
I want to thank to Hands of Mercy Israel for all help and support to residents of Sderot...for any donation you care to every citizen, no difference in color, sex, without discrimination.
Thank you so much,
Simcha Nagar
Thank you so much for all your help . Thanks to God and you.
I wish you health,
Tumashov Vera
I'm thankful for what all good that are you doing for us. With all thanks form all my soul for your help and support that you are giving to us. Thank you so much that you are thinking of needy, old people.
Roza Livshin
Thank you so much to Hands of Mercy for Holiday's help. I wish you health, happiness and good year.
Maya Urilov
Shalom Hands of Mercy staff,
Hag Sameah! I'm very happy that you are helping to needy people. You are the safety place with big heart and joy; especially the help and support that you are giving through the year. I hope that you always continue to help.
I come to Hands of Mercy as volunteer to help, because it makes me good and I do it with joy. The place gives me smile and happiness in heart and you are always in my heart.
I wish that this place will succeed all the time.
Sima Swissa
To Hands of Mercy Israel – Mr. Yeshi,
Thank you for your activity and contribution to Israel nation. And all your investment in this nation makes in love, good will, with smiling, good heart, giving and especially from bottom of your heart.
לא התקבל תרגום -
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much,
From Yehoshua Abutbul
Dear Israel Friends,
Thank you! I would like to thank you for your help in supporting me and my family. You give me a lot of courage and energy whenever I enter the hospital to chemotherapy treatments to fight the cancer in my body.
I appreciate the opportunity of LIFE you're giving me!
Thanks again,
Ariela Cohen


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