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Young people leaving the Orthodox or Ultra-Orthodox lifestyle in Israel encounter a lot of challenges as a result of losing their former support networks after being rejected by their families and communities. Their vulnerability is compounded by their lack of mainstream education and basic life skills (such as knowledge of computers and languages), temptations to experiment with risky lifestyles without understanding the dangers involved and pressures of having to survive and integrate into mainstream Israeli society without being socialized in it.


Lone soldiers are those young soldiers (between 18 to 21 years old) who don't have family in Israel to support them. They are either new immigrants, orphans or from dysfunctional families, or young people from Orthodox or Ultra-Orthodox background who are shunned by their families for entering military service. 



Since September 2019, the L-rd has opened a new area of outreach due our team's desire to bring "light in the darkness" amidst the worsening humanitarian crisis among former Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox youth. Young people who decide to leave behind their conservative religious upbringing and their tight-knit communities, often face many challenges trying to adjust and survive in mainstream Israeli society. The devastating effect of the loss of family and community support is often exacerbated by past trauma and feelings of a loss of identity, meaning, and purpose. This often leads to a deep financial, social, spiritual, and existential crisis for young people. After many tragic media reports of the alarming rates of suicide among former Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox young people, and encounters with young adults in desperate situations, G-d moved the heart of the "Mercy team" to bring hope and encouragement to these lost and hurting "sheep of Israel".

Through the Adullam outreach, which was open between 2019 and 2021, a small community was formed that has been regularly meeting up to socialize, and advise and support each other through life issues. Many young people who came to us for support in Adullam also offered to volunteer in our street outreach in Tel Aviv. The Hands of Mercy team continues to support this group by regularly holding both online and offline meetings. Team members also frequently advise and support individuals in crisis, who often come to us in a suicidal state, in desperate need of practical and emotional support. 

The project aims to impact young people’s destinies by helping them heal from rejection and build new relationships, avoid risky lifestyles and access educational opportunities.

If you are a qualified counsellor or social worker or have qualifications or experience in teaching English, computer skills and or other subjects and you are interested in volunteering to help youth at risk, please click: 

Should you be interested in financially contributing to supporting our outreach to youth at risk, please click: 

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