Young people leaving the Orthodox or Ultra-Orthodox lifestyle in Israel encounter a lot of challenges as a result of losing their former support networks after being rejected by their families and communities. Their vulnerability is compounded by their lack of mainstream education and basic life skills (such as knowledge of computers and languages), temptations to experiment with risky lifestyles without understanding the dangers involved and pressures of having to survive and integrate into mainstream Israeli society without being socialized in it.


Lone soldiers are those soldiers who don't have family in Israel to support them. They are either new immigrants, orphans or from dysfunctional families or they are from Orthodox or Ultra-Orthodox background who are shunned by their families for entering military service. 



Moved by compassion after frequently hearing the tragic stories of young people estranged from their families who have taken their own lives or died of an overdose, the Hands of Mercy team has decided to open the Adullam outreach center in the heart of Jerusalem in 2019. Adullam is a safe space where we care for young people who are at risk as a result of lack of family support, abuse or relationship breakdown in their families and subsequent difficulties with addiction or mental health. Many of the young people we are helping are lone soldiers or come from former Orthodox or Ultra-Orthodox background. Adullam aims to create a warm, non-judgemental, family-like atmosphere where young people can feel a sense of belonging and start on a healing journey to rebuild their lives. Young people are provided with opportunities to socialize and create self-help groups, go through counselling, access free courses and therapeutic activities.

The project aims to impact young people’s destinies by helping them heal from rejection and build new relationships, avoid risky lifestyles and access educational opportunities.

If you are a qualified counsellor or social worker or have qualifications or experience in teaching English, computer skills and or other subjects and you are interested in volunteering at the Adullam Outreach Center, please click: 

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