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The lives of many individuals throughout Israel have been permanently devastated during the past ten years. Hopeless depression and grief often overwhelm the victims and their families. To address these difficult situations, our ‘Adoption-Sponsorship Program’ offers the unique opportunity for concerned groups and individuals to become personally involved with wounded soldiers or victim-families in long-term, quality, interpersonal relationships.

How Does It Work?  Aware of the needs, an ‘adoption-sponsor’ or group chooses a person or a victim family whom they would like to support with regular monthly donations. Upon learning of the special problems the victim faces, adoption sponsors are encouraged to find ways to express their compassion through letters, gifts and an agreed upon amount of monthly support. Through this, the ‘adoptee-family and sponsor’ establish a relationship, which we trust in time, will blossom into deep and enduring friendship. There is also an option to donate to the project, our staff then decide how to give to those who are most in need.


Should you or your friends be interested in personally​ connecting  with an Israeli victim soldier or family, 

please click:





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