Many children in Sde’rot go to bed hungry, come to school without food, and return home hungry!  Having heard of this sobering reality, we inquired of the local principals to confirm the situation, and find out how many students actually arrive daily without a lunch.  Knowing how difficult it is for children to learn on an empty stomach, we decided to launch this special component of our ‘Save the Children Project’. For the past two years we rejoice to have provided between 150-200 hungry children each day with nutritional sandwiches in seven local schools! 

To make this possible, we must arise early each day to buy fresh rolls from the local bakery. Our staff and international volunteers then arrive to prepare these ‘gourmet sandwiches’ for the children, while enjoying hot coffee, laughter and the latest local news.  An hour later, our old gru-ta-ah (junk car) named “Cleo-patra” chugs off into the sunrise in a cloud of smoke for deliveries to thankful school security-guards.
Upon completing the task, we are often reminded how ‘blessed’ we are to have food…and the privilege to bring this nutritional relief to so many precious Israeli children who suffer…simply because they live in Sde'rot. Their happy faces and full stomachs truly bless our hearts!  Please pray for G-D’s help to continue this special children’s outreach due to our pressing war-front projects.

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Our “Hungry Family” compassion program serves in coordination with other local humanitarian aid organizations to provide each week, critically needed portions of food for hundreds of struggling families who find themselves hopelessly consigned to live in this war front community. 

We are honored to support the outreach soup-kitchen of Rabbi Herzel Shaubi who serves hundreds of nutritious hot meals each week to impoverished, elderly residents of Sde’rot. 


In addition, we partner with other special ministry/organizations who provide essential food supplies to needy families living in this war-front community.  Hundreds of boxes and/or sacks of fresh fruits, vegetables, and dry foods are distributed weekly to help these struggling individuals and families; through the shared compassion of ‘Rabbi Mevorach’, ‘Merchaz-Chessed, ‘Agudat-Yedidut Ba-Negev’, ‘Chabad Center’, ‘The Chosen People’ and ‘Hope For Sde’rot’.  Many are humbly encouraged, thanks to these expressions of G-D’s immense compassion, and your generous help!

Growing international concern and prayer have produced remarkable results. In the past year and a half alone, our small outreach ministry has been blessed to import seven massive containers of food into Israel, in order to develop emergency food projects to assist needy families during times of national crisis. Without funds, we have been delighted by the willingness of other respected organizations to help us distribute these massive quantities of foods throughout Israel, while preparing our small nation for crisis situations which may soon lie ahead.

In late 2010, we began partnering with ‘Gleanings For The Hungry’, a YWAM (Youth With a Mission) crisis-food supply ministry in Fresno, California.  Since that time, several massive 40-foot containers of nutritional dried soup and fruits have been donated to help the many families suffering throughout Israel. At present, this ‘Gleanings’ ministry has committed, with G-D’s help, to send one massive container each quarter…each bearing 23.5 tons…and totalling approximately 1 Million Cups of Emergency Food.  This is Truly a Miracle!

Deeply moved by the situation, James and Delia Wilson founded ‘Containers of Compassion’ in Australia, then united with ‘The Associated Grain Growers’ and concerned friends to purchase their first ‘Miracle-Aussi Container’ of food for Israel.  Within two months, the shipment was on the water, bearing 23.5 tons of costly Humus (Chick Peas) -- a very popular, high protein food source throughout Israel.  Since then, they have enthusiastically raised the funds for another ‘Container’…this time loaded with 22-Tons of  nutritional rice and lentils… and much-needed containers of diapers and baby products! “Baruch Ha-Shem”  (Praise The L-RD)!

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