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Our large front tent now houses a lively clothing outreach, and a kitchen for our hungry-kids lunch program, while also providing an attractive area for special music programs.
Each ‘Music Cheer-Event’ is designed to lift depression for many who suffer from painful trauma following the years of rocket attacks.  During these events, ‘the power of praise’ somehow reaches down from heaven to offer healing and hope to wounded hearts.  Here, Israeli, Moroccan, Persian, Russian and Ethiopian music resounds through warm summer nights, offering special relief from the years of fear and anxiety which so deeply once paralyzed these precious families of Sde'rot.
After each concert, the microphones are opened to all who wish to share a favorite song or psalm.  Many join in singing or joyfully dance to the music. These precious moments often bring laughter and tears, as comfort, healing and hope touch the hearts of those who have suffered so deeply.



In the spacious rear area of our S'derot outreach center several creative projects have been developed to offer comfort and healing to children and victim families who have suffered years of trauma from the rocket attacks. First, two adorable lambs were donated by a Kibbutz to launch a new 'Kids Animal Therapy Program'. What joy for traumatized children to cuddle and care for these precious creatures. This program was highly successful, bringing delight to the children, until regretfully, the lambs were stolen in the night.  Later, two small ducks were donated, bringing more laughter and joy to the children and international volunteers while planting our first organic garden.  Now, with the completion of secure animal shelters, we “with G-D’s Help” trust to expand this special animal-therapy program.

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