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To see Judaica Gift Items and help these dedicated mums provide for their hungry families
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Our 'Home Industry Program' has been re-launched following the gift of an enormous 40-foot shipping container by ‘The Joseph Project’ to house this special project.  Many hours were needed by “Bob-Cat Yorem” and friends to level the earth for its memorable arrival…followed by a challenging feat of technology to move this massive steel box into the corner of our garden. Yet with much prayer and help we succeeded; additionally placing a small 20-foot container on top to serve as our new, volunteer, ‘Tree-House Hotel’!
Soon, holes for windows and doors were cut in the heavy steel, allowing much light to pour into the interior of this unique facility. Months of persistence, perspiration, and sheer hard-work, finally transformed this heavy steel container into an attractive workplace for our growing 'Home-Indy Program’.  “Baruch Ha Shem”!    

Each ‘Home Indy’ project is developed to provide funds for needy victim-mothers and their families.  A variety of creative work projects enables them to earn much-needed income, while also providing engaging work-therapy for their youth. This pleasant and comfortable workplace offers a unique environment in which attractive, hand-made Judaica, gift-items are created to earn additional support for their struggling families!    



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