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When was the last time you went to bed with a throbbing tooth-ache? You were not alone! Thousands of children, adults and elderly throughout Sde'rot and Israel now suffer sleepless nights as a result of painful, untreated cavities (report by our national 'Social Service Agency').  Why?  Thousands of rockets for the past 12-years have detrimentally affected local employment, leaving many Israeli families unable to afford costly dental treatment.


With 21% of Israel struggling below the international poverty line... over 50% in Sde’rot now suffer increasing levels of homelessness, hunger, substance abuse and suicide. Yet one of the greatest challenges needy Israeli families now face is that of tooth decay! Often with little money to buy food, many are left to endure the pain...causing hundreds to suffer each night the agonizing results of this slow destructive disease.


With the offer by our Sde'rot municipality to use their furnished dental facility, combined with professional help from friends at 'The Dental Aesthetics Clinic’ near Tel Aviv, we are now boldly 'stepping out in faith' to launch this holy compassion project... followed as G-D leads to begin portable dental clinics throughout our poverty-challenged nation.


To launch and maintain this special compassion ministry, we'd like to challenge your congregation and ministry to actively partner together with us in this holy task...enabling us to offer G-D's comfort and healing love to hundreds who now suffer so deeply throughout Sde’rot and Israel.


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