Hands of Mercy has creatively developed a number of projects to meet the needs of our war-torn community. Please read below the overview of each program and click on the links for further information. 

Hospital and home visits


Tragic events often strike in Israel without warning, leaving families engulfed in sorrow for months, and even years.  Our ‘Hands of Mercy’ teams reach out to empathically share these painful losses, as victims lie in hospital beds or are indisposed in their own homes, and especially as family members and/or friends are laid to rest...
Kids and family food projects


Our “Hungry Family” compassion program serves in coordination with other local humanitarian aid organizations to provide each week, critically needed portions of food for hundreds of struggling families who find themselves hopelessly consigned to live in this war front community... 

Adoption Sponsorship Program


Our ‘Adoption-Sponsorship Program’ offers the unique opportunity for concerned groups and individuals to become personally involved with wounded soldiers or victim-families in long-term, quality, interpersonal relationships...
Creative Home Industry project


Each ‘Home Indy’ project is developed to provide funds for needy victim mothers and their families.  A variety of creative work projects enables them to earn much-needed income, while also providing engaging work-therapy for their youth...
Mercy Dental Clinics


One of the greatest challenges destitute Israeli families now face is that of tooth decay! Often with little money to buy food, many are left to endure the pain...causing hundreds to suffer each night the agonizing results of this slow destructive disease...

Kadesh Gardens


We are launching an expansive high-tech food production program in preparation for difficult days ahead. We have begun growing large quantities of nutritional food for future distribution to needy families, congregations and synagogues throughout Israel...

Israel Crisis Preparedness Project


Drawing on Hands of Mercy's extensive experience in responding to humanitarian crises caused by war, terrorism and rocket attacks and mobilizing our worldwide support base, we are hoping to make a difference in Israel's preparedness to respond to the greatest existential threat it has faced since the Holocaust...

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