June 30, 2019

Our dear friend and brother, Yeshi Reinhardt, the Founder and Director of Hands of Mercy, went to Glory on Thursday morning in New Jersey while in preparation for a conference there and another summer-long speaking tour in the USA.

The Hands of Mercy team are devastated...

March 11, 2019

Many children now suffer as 'victims' of the recent year of Gaza terror which weekly continues to traumatise our small city of Sde'rot and neighbouring Negev communities. 

Regretfully, this has produced many detrimental effects on our local econ...

February 25, 2019

The annual intelligence assessment for 2019, which was recently presented to the IDF General Staff, describes the situation on the Gaza border as "(T)he most pressing security issue facing Israel after Iran ... the potential for an offensive initiative by Hamas and Isl...

Israel urgently needs our prayers as it continues to face threats of invasion against Northern Israel by Hezbollah and Iran.

Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah has recently boasted that Israel’s recently concluded “Operation Northern Shield”, which has successfully unc...

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