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Israel could face two-front war

The annual intelligence assessment for 2019, which was recently presented to the IDF General Staff, describes the situation on the Gaza border as "(T)he most pressing security issue facing Israel after Iran ... the potential for an offensive initiative by Hamas and Islamic Jihad is very high and may occur even before the Knesset elections in April." "Hamas faces significant challenges and wants to lift the siege on Gaza. The terror group is therefore willing to take actions that will force Israel to exhaust all possibilities and may consider election time a good time to do this."

According to the Carmel Alert, “In reading the IDF estimate that Israel is facing severe threats from both the North and the South, we can only shudder as we remember the warning given by PM Netanyahu several weeks ago that Israel could not handle strong threats from North and South simultaneously!”

Israel needs our prayers and support in order to win a swift and powerful victory if a sudden war takes place. Please pray for the people of Northern Israel and the Northern Negev, as well as all of Israel, for Israel to be victorious in its fight against Hezbollah terrorists, and for G-D to be glorified in all of this.

Picture: Lieut. General Aviv Kochavi


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