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Threats of invasion against Northern Israel

IDF soldiers work to expose Hezbollah’s tunnels in Operation Northern Shield. (Pic courtesy of BFP)

Israel urgently needs our prayers as it continues to face threats of invasion against Northern Israel by Hezbollah and Iran.

Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah has recently boasted that Israel’s recently concluded “Operation Northern Shield”, which has successfully uncovered and neutralized many terrorist attack tunnels running from southern Lebanon into northern Israel did not even eliminate 10 percent of the groups’ capabilities. According to Israel Today News, Nasrallah stated: "The Israelis discovered a number of tunnels after many years, and it Is not a surprise. The surprise is that these tunnels, they took some time to find. … One of the tunnels discovered in recent weeks is 13 or 14 years old. … The uncovering of the tunnels does not affect by 10 percent our plans to take over the Galilee." Although Nasrallah is reported to have added that Hezbollah does not intend to start a war, he admitted that may change as a result of Israeli airstrikes continuing on its Iranian benefactors in Syria. Prime Minister Netanyahu is determined that Israel has no intention of giving up in its fight against Iran as it tries to make a permanent military presence in Syria, threatening Israel’s security.

Israel needs our prayers and support in order to win a swift and powerful victory if such a war takes place. Please pray for the people of Galilee and all of Israel, for Israel to be victorious in its fight against Hezbollah terrorists, and for G-D to be glorified in all of this.

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