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IDF attacks Syrian chemical weapons base


Photo: Courtesy of Times of Israel

"Israel’s Air Force (IAF) attacked a sensitive Syrian military installation in Hama, deep inside the country, early Thursday morning (Sept 7., 2017). (...)

According Arab media, the site attacked is a Syrian center for the development and production of weapons, including long-range missiles and possibly chemical weapons.

AFP reported that Syria’s army operated a military facility at the targeted site that included a branch of the Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC).

The US has accused the SSRC of developing the sarin gas used in a chemical attack on the Syrian civilians in April, which killed 83.

Rami Abdurrahman, who heads the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), said two facilities were hit, a scientific research center and a nearby military base where short-range surface-to-surface missiles are stored. He said the attack killed two people and wounded five.

“Many explosions were heard in the area after the air raid,” said Abdurrahman, whose group relies on a network of activists across the country. He said some of the blasts may have been secondary explosions from a missile storage facility being hit.

He said Lebanese Hezbollah fighters and Iranian military officials often visit the site.

Israel has remained silent, as was its conduct in similar previous incidents.


Please pray that the Israeli secret services and military would be able to continue to monitor the situation to the North of the country and that they would continue to have accurate intelligence and the courage and determination required to eliminate all threats to the civilian population. We thank you for your continued support and prayers for the safety of our people and the safety and well-being of suffering civilians in neighboring countries.

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