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Update on Yeshi's Health

Ye'shi experienced a successful coronary bypass heart surgery on September 27 that lasted seven hours to replace two arteries instead of one. No complications where reported and his immediate recovery went well.

Suffering breathing difficulties during Sukkot, two days ago Yeshi re-entered the hospital for treatment after his doctor suspected water in the lungs. Upon draining two cups of fluid from the lungs he began to feel better. Doctors are performing a series of tests to determine the cause and the level of damage to his lungs.

Yeshi and all of us at Hands of Mercy are grateful for your continued prayers for his full recovery--that the grafting of the arteries and the healing of his lungs will provide him new-found health and glory to our L-RD.

Thank you! If you wish to contact Ye'shi, please write to his personal email:

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