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Sde'rot kindergartens gratefully receive cheerleader uniforms.

Thanks to a generous donor, the Hands of Mercy team was blessed to give away 350 adorable tiny cheerleader uniforms to Sde'rot kindergartens, hoping to bring some joy and reprieve to the smallest members of our traumatized and financially struggling community.

The kindergarten teachers and their 4 to 6 years old pupils gratefully received the cheerleader dresses with their matching undershorts. One teacher helped them to put together a project to thank Hands of Mercy for the donation. They have sent us a book full of colorful drawings each student made with "thank you" notes and drawings with hearts. We also received pictures of the tiny “cheerleaders” proudly sporting their uniforms, which brought a smile to everyone’s face.

The Hands of Mercy team would like to thank our supporters in Israel and abroad for their generosity towards the smallest members of our community. Together, we can reach out to struggling and needy families and children through acts of kindness that bring much needed joy and reprieve to our traumatized community.

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