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Mercy Update: ‘’THE MIRACLE of AVIV BAR’’

One year has passed since the tragic terrorist truck-ramming event overlooking Jerusalem where the lives of four young IDF cadets were brutally murdered, leaving fifteen injured for life!

One courageous 19-year old survivor was Aviv Bar who fought for her life many weeks in the hospital until her prayers were answered. Our ‘Hands of Mercy’ team plus Chinese friends were honored to share in this special ‘Miracle’, as can be seen from the attached ‘original’ story.


After a year of recovery, Aviv (Hebrew: for Spring) is now a new person, thanks to all your concern and faithful prayers!

Aviv has remarkably recovered and now returned to serve in the IDF…giving much praise to G-D for His mercy and healing!

So ‘’Thank-You’’ for the special role you and your congregation play with our IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), as you pray for their continued protection, in the face of our enemy’s daily attempts to take the lives of innocent civilians and courageous young soldiers like Aviv, in their heinous plans to destroy this Covenant-Land and People!

For Israel’s Promised Redemption…

Ye’shi Reinhardt and our Mercy Team


Should you and your congregation wish information on how you can symbolically ‘Adopt’ a courageous ‘lonely IDF soldier’ who struggles without a supportive family in Israel, ‘’Click Here’’ for Details.

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