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Ethiopian widowed father of 5 grateful for support

We are grateful for your continued support of Boaz Dasada, one of our adopted families. He is a very sensitive, humble single parent from Ethiopia who struggles to raise his five children following the sudden death of his wife during childbirth a year and a half ago.

Boaz works for the Municipality of Sde'rot, supervising one area of the city's technical infrastructure: roads, lights, and equipment. Yet because of the high cost of living for a large family, he struggles financially because he only works part time.

As a result he not only has the daily challenge to provide financially, but to also to provide the comforting and healing love needed by his small child. Boaz says that the family is trying to cope with the situation, but he is worried for his eldest daughter, who has been very close to her mother. She has not been going out of the family home, and she has not stopped grieving for her mother.

“In addition," - says Boaz, "we have no help at home for cooking and cleaning. It costs too much money to hire a cleaner. During the vacation we did not have much fun, because my eldest daughter did not want to go out. However, I managed to take the smaller kids to Aqua Park once. Only The Holy One, Blessed is He, and You are our help. I thank you very much for that. I pray there will be more people like you. The grace you are showing is not taken for granted. Thank you, thank you for everything from me and my family”. Boaz remains sincerely thankful for the faithful support Hands of Mercy give to help him provide for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of his fractured family. Our ability to help Boaz depends on the faithful support of his sponsors. We remain grateful for your help and prayers.

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