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New single mother needs help

Jana is a 24 year old mother who struggles alone after the birth of her first child. Jana ran away from her Druze village on the Golan Heights at age 17. Relocating to Haifa and then to Tel Aviv, she worked in clubs, under circumstances difficult to mention. Eventually, she got involved with a man from S'derot who became the father of her baby. Because of getting involved in a drug smuggling affair, the father is now serving a 7-year prison term.

The mercy of G-d has come to Jana through the hands of one of our co-workers. In the fourth month of her pregnancy Jana met our co-worker, Miriam Goani, during one of Miriam's many home visits to find families in need. Because Jana was alone and homeless, Miriam took her under her wings, providing emotional and tangible support. She found a nice low-cost apartment for her that Jana could afford with her part-time job selling coffee and pastries. She was also able to secure help from Israeli health institutions and post-natal benefits, along with donated cash and baby equipment through other sources.

As the birth approached, Jana experienced complications. There was fear that the baby might be born with autism. Jana also struggled with delivery as the doctors determined that an amniotic fluid problem had developed and the baby's heart kept stopping. We all prayed for the child's health and easy delivery.

G-d answered our prayers! After Jana had been struggling to give birth for nearly 24 hours, a Cesarean section was ordered. The good news is that on September 1st 2017, a healthy son was born against all these odds. Now Jana is at home alone with the baby and Miriam continues to visit to help and teach her basic skills in motherhood and caring for the baby.

Pray with us that Jana will have much joy in caring for her child, knowing how G-d has stepped in to help her. Also pray that the rift between her and her extended Druze family will be healed and that they will communicate with her and give her tangible support.

Hands of Mercy is offering to assist Jana with a year's supply of baby food and diapers. Any donations to help in this project are appreciated. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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