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HOM founder Yeshi Reinhardt needs urgent prayers

Ye'shi (Jesse) Reinhardt founded Hands of Mercy-Israel in 2002 - beginning in Jerusalem by reaching out to victims of terror - and has energetically led this compassion-outreach ministry for the last 15 years. Eventually the ministry was re-visioned as an outreach center in Sde'rot: a war-front border town near Gaza that suffered from a continuous barrage of rockets.

There Yeshi and the Hands of Mercy team bravely reached out with our G-d's love through many supportive programs and tangible gifts to hundreds of recovering victims, unemployed poor, and children and their families in crisis, all in the name of the L-RD!

Today, Yeshi is experiencing his own personal crisis and needs our prayers and support. Having been diagnosed with a 70 percent blockage of the right ventricle, he is undergoing exploratory heart surgery on September 17. Please pray that this surgery will give him health and strength so he can continue serving the L-RD at Hands of Mercy with “fullness of joy and


Thank you for your faithful prayers,

Richard Wheeler for the Hands of Mercy Team

If you wish to contact Yeshi with messages of encouragement, please write to his email address:

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