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The Fallen Faces Project


ABOUT THE PROJECT Over the past century there have been thousands of Israeli victims of Palestinian terror. But only occasionally do we hear their names. Less often do we see their faces. The Fallen Faces Project is a platform to give back the dignity robbed from those Israelis - the countless Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Bedouin or Druze as well as men, women and children - who have been innocently slaughtered by Palestinian terrorists since the founding of the modern state. HOW IT WORKS Your profile photos is the face you show your friends, your family and the world. But a profile photo can illustrate so much more. It reveals our relationship status, life events, family ties, hobbies, passions and even our current mood. A profile photo is highly visible across Facebook in particular, but also all the applications, programs, platforms & communities that we link through our account. Facebook profile photos have more interactions & engagement than any other picture you post. And custom frames for profile photos have been used to support a range of causes. And that is why it is the perfect platform for a meaningful message. Participants of The Fallen Faces Project can sign up at to receive a daily email featuring a picture & first-person biography of an Israeli victim of Palestinian terrorism, as well as a click-to-post link which will automatically post both as your Facebook profile. Every day from March 1 to March 30, 2018, supporters like YOU will join US in creating a critical mass of visibility online & across the world to honor the innocent lives Israel has lost in the fight against terror. GET INVOLVED To learn more about this project & sign up visit This project is proudly supported by the World Jewish Congress JDCorps, Strength To Strength, Zionist Organization of America, StandWithUs, Dror For The Wounded, John Jay College Republicans, ZOA's Fuel For Truth, CAMERA, The Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island-COJO, MEOR Maryland, EITAN The American Israeli Jewish Network, Carmel Valley Chabad, Kevin McCullough Radio, Radio Night LIVE, Chicago Jewish Home, Americans For A Safe Israel, Israel Wine Producers Association, Eighteen Restaurant & Passion For A Purpose. If you know an organization that might want to get involved in supporting this project, reach out to to begin the discussions with The Z Team, the group behind this online campaign. Learn more at

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